Pantone Color Institute

Soluções em Cores Customizadas

The Pantone Color Institute empowers brand owners, and all those in their supply chains, to ensure the integrity of their brand and product colors through a range of custom solutions in the language of PANTONE.

Our physical Custom Color solutions can be combined with the data that you need to properly communicate the color. We can supply RGB, HTML, CIE L*a*b* or process-specific CMYK. Our customers work with color in many different ways and we ensure that they get the data they need for the job at hand.

Color and Appearance Solutions for Every Industry

Using the worldwide Munsell Color system, Pantone Color Institute offers solutions for any industry where color based assessment is required.

The Pantone Color Institute works within a diverse range of industries including: fashion, home, contract design, paint, beauty, automotive, sports, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Custom Color Solutions

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Pantone Custom Color Sample Cards in plastic, paper and cotton

Custom Printed – the defacto master standard for global brands

Standard size: 8½” x 11″

Our off-the shelf solid color standards have defined Pantone for decades. For just as long, our custom-printed solutions have served as the master standards for global brands wishing to define and standardize their colors.

We offer both custom formulations to support uniquely defined brand colors and custom printed standards to support brands that define their colors using our PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® and Fashion, Home + Interiors palettes.


Custom Textiles – develop that perfect color for any textile application

Standard size: 4″ x 4″, unfolds to 4″ x 8″

Our custom textile colors developed on cotton fabric will perfectly match your inspiration, allowing you to realize your color all the way through production. Custom color swatches can be fully branded and are available in a 4″ x 4″ double-layered swatch card, along with spectral data and dye formulations.


Custom Plastics – create product look and feel

Standard size: 3″ x 1-7/8″

Constant development work in the field of plastics creates a moving target for accurate color realization across product lines. Our custom color plastic standards can be delivered in custom resins to closely match the look and feel intended for a product.



Custom Color and Appearance Solutions for every industry

Using the worldwide Munsell Color system, Pantone Color Institute offers solutions for all industries where any form of color based assessment is required from science and technology companies through manufacturers to the food sector.

Coated Standards Solutions

Pantone Custom Color Standards Sheets

Color Control Panels

Standard size: 3″ x 5″

For precise color communication, specification and visual or instrument-based assessment through your supply chain. Supports a broad range of appearances including opaque, translucent, transparent, florescent, textured, pearlescents and metallics. Also available in more durable washable formats suitable for food applications. Includes Munsell System Notation and packaged in customer branded light-proof envelopes.


Quick Color Standards

Standard size: 8½” x 11″

Fast, economical, proof-free, color matching ideal for concepting at the design stage or for seasonal products.

Color Tolerance Sets

Standard size: 8½” x 11″

Used to improve color quality control among buyers and suppliers, these are ideal for multi-component products manufactured in different geographic locations that need to come together with a uniform color. The Color Tolerance Set shows the target color surrounded by a range of acceptable variations or “limits” to the ideal target. The tolerance limits are all defined as being a Light, Dark, Red, Green, Blue or Yellow when compared to the target color. Choices of three to nine limits to suit customer needs.